graphic recording: meeting with results

Graphic Scribe Graphic Recorder Sullivan SK Scribe Dyment

What is Graphic Recording? is a productivity solution for businesses and organizations. I am a scribe and I live-record meetings and events. 

Key moments are visually paraphrased into eye-pleasing maps. 

The final artwork functions as an attractive reference point for participants after the meeting. Graphic recording is a newly-discovered subtle but powerful form of facilitation through visual notes. It is used by top Fortune 500 companies and major nonprofit organizations worldwide with extremely positive results. 

Try it and experience the magic!

A Management Method That Works

Amp up the energy with a method that focuses participants on the agenda while democratizing the room.  Find commitments and comments dynamically materializing on the wall while participants relax and feel heard.  

A Problem-Solver You'll Enjoy

Attendance issues are over! Watch interest in your agenda and objectives return! Watch goals get met! Smart organizations are reaping the rewards of having a graphic recorder at meetings. Find out why!


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